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Phoenix water treatment specializes in selling and installing high quality water treatment equipment’s for your home and business. Honesty and integrity are the foundation the company is built on. You will never get the high pressure sales pitch or be sold goods or services you don't really need. Your complete satisfaction and superior quality water are our only concerns.

We make sure your drinking water is clean and drinkable at all times.

We monitor the quality of water as it leaves our water treatment works and service reservoirs.


Phoenix water treatment offers maintenance and services to ensure that the below water treatment solutions are functioning at the peak performance.


Preventive maintenance and service options include:

  • Pretreatment Systems like Softeners, standard maintenance.

  • Reverse osmosis systems: this includes exchanging membranes; Cleaning on site (CIP) by using chemicals, standard maintenance.

  • Post treatment: this includes ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers systems, standard maintenance.

  • Ion exchange plants; this includes loading and unloading resins and standard maintenance and service of the plants.

  • Ozone systems, standard maintenance.

Our trained service technicians specialize in the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of all water treatment systems and will make sure that your water system is proactively being monitored and maintained.

  • Reverse Osmosis systems

  • Pumps

  • Sand filters

  • Nitrate removal filters

  • Softener systems

  • Carbon filters

  • Ultra Violet sterilizers

  • Ozone Systems

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